Welcome to the Berean Church of Huntsville!  We are not presently meeting publicly and are on a season of restructuring.

Desire to know more? Find out what Berean is about (click here).  We are a young church plant with a [Gospel > Worship > Discipleship] focus and more of a dialogue (rather than lecture) teaching style.  We are the kind of place where you can come with questions because, after all, if you can’t ask tough questions in church then where, precisely, are you supposed to ask them?

Our Mission

Our core values of [Gospel > Worship > Discipleship] are reflected in how we teach and live.  Berean Church of Huntsville is affiliated with the larger Berean Fellowship of Churches (BFC). We share a common Mission Statement with the BFC:
“Planting and Strengthening Churches, to Make Disciples, to Reach the World!”

Our Vision

The Vision of Berean Huntsville is to proclaim the truth boldy, making disciples who are growing in love and freedom in response to the Gospel, witnessing healthy Gospel Families worshiping in every village of Huntsville, and supporting the Great Commission to our city, region, and the world.