Giving at Berean Huntsville

Berean Huntsville is a small, self-sufficient, and generous assembly of Christ Followers.  We teach that giving is an act of worship and aim to send far more than we keep out of “needs” for the church.  That means that most of what we ask people to contribute towards includes missions and benevolence (kindness and felt needs).  Because our operating budget is very small, we are often able to contribute to missions and humanitarian causes.  We tend to give to organizations rather than individuals, though we do meet felt needs directly (e.g. paying a doctor or utility bill) within our assembly whenever possible.  The reason for this is that it is simply good stewardship.

Checks can be mailed to:

Berean Church of Huntsville
PO Box 2723
Huntsville, AL 35804

Online giving through Square credit card processing is available for both the Berean Church of Huntsville and our affiliate city service program LOVEHuntsville, here:

Note that there is a credit card processing fee (charged by Square) and the link redirects to an external website.  Thank you for your donation!

Organizations we support:

We love the mission of Rescue 1 Global and their mission to end modern slavery.

We support several college missionaries with CRU

We also support the Hope Venture and encourage members to give directly here: