Berean is a non-denominational church under the covering of the Berean Fellowship of Churches (BFC).  We believe in a plurality of Elders that lead the church, thus the church plant in Huntsville began with Elders (primarily other pastors) as a proxy elder board until Berean Huntsville grows enough organicly install out own local elders. The local church board are responsible for the regular operations of the church under the oversight of the Elder board. 

The church was planted by a launch team that agreed together to plant this new work and led by John Stough. John and Candace completed church planter’s assessment through the Converge church planting center. He has a Bachelors of Science in BA/MIS from Columbia College, MO and earns his wages as a Software team lead working on avionics. He earned a Certificate of Theology and Ministry through Princeton Theological Seminary. He is certified for marriage counseling through Prepare-Enrich. 

The ministry has several functioning deacons (servant leaders) that will be formally installed, some of whom will later become elders, once the church has a formal membership. Leaders are affirmed by the membership.