Last week, when we unpacked the difficulty of translating Psalm 32:5, particularly when translation the Hebrew word “Nasa” (Forgive, to bear) I mentioned posting links to the root word study for aiding in some devotional time in your private study of the Psalms.  Here are those links.

Occurrences of the word “Love” in the Psalms (ESV, this will vary by translation):

Some of the key themes we talked about this past Sunday during our dialogue time are reposted here with the links.  Remember, that if you use BlueLetterBible (shortcut, use that clicking on the Book Filter on the right will give you just the Psalms.  For example, here is Redeemer in the whole Hebrew OT…

…and here it is in just the Psalms, so you can narrow a search.

Most of these searches have been narrowed to just the Psalms.

Yeshua – Salvation

Ahav – Love

Esher – Blessed

Checed – Mercy, Loving Kindness

For fun, you can combine searches so that you can look at words occurring together.  For example, here is “Love + Salvation” only using the exact Hebrew search it is “H157+H3444” (the word numbers are from Strong’s concordance)

Here is “Mercy + Salvation”

Here is a root of the word Salvation, “Save + Mercy”


For the broader view, to see how often a particular OT book is quoted or alluded to in the NT, check out this resource.

There is obviously a ton on this topic posted all over the net, and hundreds of books on the subject, but as always, the best resource is just looking at the cross references and reading the Bible for yourself.